I Thank God I Didn't Marry My Girlfriend

By Kenny: I met Viola at the university, a beautiful young lady. I loved her but she was always asking for cash from me even as a fellow student then. I tried to dissuade her from the attitude but her chant of "you're not caring" will always rent the air at each occasion.

Always acting confident about herself. After NYSC, I secured a job where I earned 60k per month, she was in her final year then. I told her about the job and her response was shocking; "is it 60k job you're celebrating"? 

Due to her obvious materialistic nature, I made it clear to her that I won't continue the relationship, and she just smiled and went away.

She later sent a message to me in the night of that day saying "60k is not enough to marry me, good riddance to bad rubbish." This was in 2010. Fast forward to six years later (2016), I now have a true and wonderful wife with two kids. A lot has changed, I'm making far above 60k.

Guess what, I bumped into Viola in a friend father's funeral yesterday in Abeokuta (Ogun State), she wasn't even looking as good as before. I exchange pleasantries with her, she responded grudgingly at first but later came back to tell me that "you're looking like a man now". I asked her what she meant which she didn't respond to.

It was later I heard from a friend who followed me from Abeokuta while driving back to my base that Viola is now separated from the so called rich husband she married after the guy lost his job and has not been able to get a better job almost two years now. 

What an unrepentant money monger is this my former girlfriend, Viola? I haven't stopped thanking my God that I made a wise decision to leave her six years ago.

She herself has no money, but she's never patient to grow with a man. I pray she learn on time.