"I Will Never Regret If I Die Serving Nigeria" – Gallant Soldier

This gallant Nigerian soldier, Sabo, declared his loyalty to his fatherland, Nigeria, in a post on FB:
"To die for my country is one of my pride, I will never never regret if I die while serving my nation - Nigeria. If the general will enter the river then who am I?

God bless Nigeria Army, I am proud to be a family member of Nigeria Army. God bless Nigeria the great nation!"
Kudos to a patriot soldier, fighting in the battle field to keep the rest of us safe!


  1. He should keep it up

  2. That's the spirit! Kudos the gallant soldier Sabo.

  3. May God be with him and the rest of his colleagues.

  4. Nigerian Army are doing great to safeguard our fathers Land.May God be with you all


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