IS THIS FOR REAL? Ghana dusting Nigeria...

Someone just shared this online:
"Believe it or not, as at today, Nigeria's ₦500 is worth only 5 Ghanaian Cedis. This is where Buharinomics has brought us!"


  1. why do people think myopically?despite this,what is the ratio of ghanians in nigeria and that of nigerians in ghana?if our currency has no value and alot of ghanians are here chasing it, then we got another thought to think.

  2. Off course...when the denominization policy was adopted and 2 00 was removed from their money...5cds become 500...We we also adopt that policy our 500 will become 5naira and 1 dollar will become 4 naira...but Buhari said no..he is not only deaf but blind.

  3. They have the last laugh now - I remember "Ghana must go". They're going forward.


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