Is This A True Comparison of PDP and APC?

Here's how a "politician" compared how the PDP ruled Nigeria versus how the APC is faring:
It took PDP 16 years to make a dollar = N197,but it took APC just 1 year to make a dollar = N419. 
It took PDP 16 years to make fuel price N87 per litre, but it took APC 1yr to make fuel N145 per litre. 
It took PDP 16 years to make to bring car assembly plants to Nigeria ,but it took APC just 1 year to send all the car manufacturing companies out of market. 
It took PDP 16 years to keep the price of rice at N8,000 per bag,but took APC 1 year to sky rocket it to N23,000 per bag.
It took Jonathan 5yrs to travel to 15 countries, but it took Buhari 1 year to travel to 30 countries. 
It took PDP 16years to apply resounding economic policies that made banks grow, but it took APC 1 year to apply policies which made banks to sack more staff. 
It took PDP 16years to make Nigeria the 3rd fastest growing in the world and the largest in Africa, it took APC 1year to make it one of the worse economy in the world, in the same category with Zimbabwe. 
Well, in politics and governance, nothing is black and white. There are many shades of other colours.


  1. Pulease! Enough of this child play. Gosh! These people should get busy. Haba!

  2. This is the gospel truth. Let it be told. APC are fools

  3. Olu are you there?
    Gbam! Olufamous is now facing reality. I agree with you.

  4. Bros Olu, u know I love you but sorry the wailers form has finished try again in 2019.

  5. That's it.. APC running down the country and its economy.. God save us all.

  6. This is nothing but the truth

  7. It took PDP 7yrs in trying to restore security in the nation(borno,damaturu,adamawaetc)but it took APC just 3month

  8. It took 16 years PDP to lay a foundation that is sinking our economic that APC is trying to revive.

  9. Truth can never been hidden as only time will tell...


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