It’s Wicked To Not Pay Workers Their Salary In Recession — Governor Obiano

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, has said it is a sin for any employer of labour, particularly government, to owe workers salaries in a time of recession the country is in now.

Obiano said this during the commencement of the Anambra State Fire and Safety Summit in Awka on Wednesday. He said payment of workers’ salaries would energise the economy in a recession and make life more meaningful for the people.

The governor, who expressed fear that the dollar would continue to rise against the naira, said it would take no fewer than 18 months for the economic downturn in the country to subside.

He said, “A state that does not pay its workers is inviting calamity. Payment of workers’ salaries energises the economy.

“We saw this recession early and made agriculture one of the pillars of our administration.

This is why we have been paying our workers. It is wicked to owe workers at a time like this.

“People should embrace risk management. That is the solution to disaster, especially in a recession.

“No recession lasts less than 18 months, so we need to wake up. The naira is moving to N500 per dollar.

“We need to secure our certificates and other valuables of ours so that nothing will happen to them overnight. That’s the way to survive in a recession.”

He said his administration foresaw the trouble and embarked on preemptive measures; investment in agriculture one of the key.

“We are saddened by the fact that these incidents could very well have been prevented had there been some degree of basic safety consciousness and awareness among the populace. The way forward is by bringing about a change in the knowledge and attitude of the citizens.”