A reader of OluFamous.Com wants us to join him in celebrating his wife who has been faithful and good to him from the beginning till now, their 15th year in marriage. His words:

Dear Olu Famous,
Kindly do me this special favour by joining me in celebrating this special woman in my life; the mother of my children. She is indeed a virtuous woman. Even from the start, I knew she was the perfect one for me. Whatever I am today, apart from God, I owe it all to her. She is the source of my joy and existence. Mrs Faith Nwora - I love you. 15 years and still counting was possible because you believe in me and with God by our side we made it this far. Thank you, my loving wife.
Happy marriage anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Nwora!

Any man who marries a good woman should count himself fortunate, a woman who marries a good man should count herself lucky, especially with the level of 'craze' and 'competition' in some homes today. Marry the right person for your life, with or without riches. If you get married motivated by her looks or his money, you might just be setting yourself up for future crisis.

When it comes to issues of getting married (for life); be guided by sincerity, not deceit of any kind.