Ladies, Here's What Makes A Good Marriage, Not Being Sexy

Today, some wives busy themselves with looking hot, wearing latest stuff, keeping up with trends on social media. They wonder why their marriage have issues, 'my husband have me at home but he's not looking at me', 'I have what any woman should have, what is his problem?' etc.

Well, you can use your body to attract a man, some even use "jazz" to hold a man, but in the long run it is your character and sound spirituality that will ensure a good marriage. It's that simple!

Written by Temilolu Okeowo
My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, Nigerian sisters...
Reasons you should be a prayer warrior (Contd.)
Angelic assistance
When you are saturated with the spirit of God as a result of constant praying and purposeful fasting, you will always be surrounded by angels. In fact, I dare say, they will love you to pieces especially when you live like the only reason why you are on earth is to please God. They will be so protective of you, be your spies, supply you with information no man on earth can give you and arrange for your needs to be met and even stretch their love and provision to those who make you happy! Now, can you imagine what God would do to those who are poised to make a mess of your life? This is no joke, it’s for real! I thank God Mr. Oluwakayode has testified to this beautiful way of life as well. You can’t be chaste, holy within and without and not carry the awesome presence of God. I tell you, this combination makes you a miraculous time-bomb waiting to explode into signs and wonders! What a good God!
Arsenal for your marriage
To start with, our common enemy-the devil hates family unity and the glory attached to a glorious union and also loves to yoke two wrong spouses with each other so as to further cause confusion in humanity and also divert one’s destiny. This is one of the reasons why girls should imbibe the culture of praying right from their impressionable years so as not to have their joy and beautiful dreams killed in future.

A lady is marrying not only a man but his ancestry as well. I’ll explain! Humans generally are controlled by their ancestry if they don’t make a conscious effort to break away from its grip! Now, how does a lady cope with a man whose father is a polygamist and whose grandfather and great grandfather are polygamists? If care isn’t taken, he will marry more wives than they did. If he doesn’t marry more wives, he may have an insatiable lust for women and just one of these women could turn the lives of his entire family into a nightmare. This also applies to marrying men who are alcoholics, men who have uncontrollable anger, etc. There are so many vices which are inherited and which these men are battling with and ladies should do themselves a world of good by being up to the task spiritually to protect their marriages before they go into it especially when they are getting married to men that are not spiritually sound!

Also, this is Africa, let’s be frank with each other, if you are marrying into a family where all the wives are on the dark side, and you are not, you may be in serious trouble. You can’t be warm or cold spiritually. It’s either you beat them or you join them. And you just never know who you will end up with in a journey that more often than not eventually determines your success or failure in life. I tell you, a troubled marriage could lead to hell on earth and distract you from fulfilling destiny yet God designed it with fantastic plans for us.

Do you have a star that must shine or a dream that must come true? Do you want to get back at life? Acquaint yourself with God and let Him place you on the chariots of fire that will carry you to your promised land!

To be continued...