September 20, 2016

Lady cries out after ex-Husband beats her up, fractures her leg & left her bed-ridden

I wonder why some men allow themselves get to this stage. Even if you had mistakenly got yourself entangled with a bad wife; once you are able to end it, respect yourself and move on peacefully.

Because of a man's inability to move on wisely, his estranged wife is now a victim and she is crying out for justice after he attacked her and another man, damaging one of her legs in the process.

The story of Ivie Edobor, a mother of three kids who was assaulted by her ex-husband John Edobor, a Zenith Bank employee. Below are the words of the estranged wife:

Dear friends,
To shed more light on my ordeal, this is my story... Two years ago my husband kick me out of his house along with my 3 daughters ages 9, 7 and 4. I was forced to move back to my father’s house and struggled to provide for my 3 children as he completely neglected them and even took them off his medical insurance provided by his office, Zenith Bank Plc. 
After much struggle, I finally got back on my feet. Got a great job, enrolled my kids in a new school and rented an apartment for my 3 kids and I. 
About Easter time this year he decided he wants to be part of my children’s life again. I allowed him access to the children as I felt we could be civil to each other for the sake of our children. At this time, I had started putting my documentation together for the divorce process. 
Early hours of June 19th, on my way back from a function, a friend had parked right in front of the gate of my apartment to press the bell for the gateman to open the gate and let me into the compound when suddenly he was rushed at and attacked by a man waving an object. 
The first impression was that it was an armed robber trying to rob us. My friend, (a man) pushed him away but he came charging back. At this point, I looked out the opened door and realized it was John Edobor my enstrange husband. Before we could react a group of area boys showed up but rather than saving us from the assailant, they joined him. They proceeded to beat my (man)friend on the floor giving John the opportunity to focus his attack on me. 
He used a metal bar (wheel spanner/metal rod) to try hitting me on the head through the opened drivers door but I shielded it. Not satisfied with that, he turned to the passengers door dragged out to the floor. I landed on the floor with my legs extended where he proceeded to hit me on the leg continuously with the metal. 
When he was satisfied he was about going back to join the area boys who had gathered my friend when my neighbour who had heard my screams for help and seen from his window a man striking someone on the floor thinking it was an armed robber, numbed down his balcony with a machete to save whoever was being attacked. On getting down he was faced with my enstrange husband whom he had prevented from entering my compound without my permission on 2 occasions so he recognised him. It was at that point he overpowered John. The area boys recognised him as a member of the security team for the street and backed off my friend. 
By that time I couldn’t stand up and my leg was bleeding profusely. I was rushed to the hospital where my jeans was torn off my leg to see the nature of my injury. The injury was so severe that my broken bone torn through my skin puncturing an artery in the process. 
Almost 3 months and 2 surgeries later, I have titanium plates and screws to keep my leg in place and I am unable to use my right leg. I still have my 3 children to care for and my life is at a stand still. The perpetuator (my estranged husband) was charged to court and released on bail 3 days later. Now he moves around freely carrying on with his life. 
Now is it wrong for me to cry for Justice?

Wisdom is profitable to direct. Men, don't allow yourself be involved in such mess. Let go in peace.


inumidun said...

Serz gbege..

Anonymous said...

hmmmm marriage problem no dey easy o

Anonymous said...

Why disgracing yourselves like this knowing you have kids together? P

ats three said...

Another marriage crisis...

Hassan Aderemi said...

A lot is happening in this world!

uju oyemelonu said...

ENEMIES of progress,jearlous mind. am so sure he has move on and does not want the lady to move as well, dont thinks that marriage is a bondage for the women, they are just a help mate to the man. when you leaving allow her to leave her life also.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why disgracing yourselves like this knowing you have kids together? P
20 September, 2016 21:47


Unknown said...

The human rights commission to come to her rescue as this son of perdition has wrecked havoc on her.This is disheartened that a banker can poised community nuisance

Anonymous said...

D man brought his new woman into d home n chased his 3kids n wife cuz of her inability for her to bore him a male child. Yrs after she moves on puts her life together n idiots call her names? Like seriously? D God dat want to purnish u is doing 7000hrs push-ups.

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