Lady mistakenly shot dead by her Brother while showing her how to clean his gun

Oh dead! A University of Iowa graduate student was on her way to a family gathering last weekend when her brother accidentally shot and killed her while demonstrating how to clean a handgun.

The Sac County Sheriff’s Office said in a release that 24yrs old Megan Quinn Sloss, was driving on Sunday with her 26-year-old brother, Spencer Lee Sloss, when she was shot dead.

Investigators say Megan, of Guthrie Center, was in the driver’s seat and her brother was in the front passenger seat at the time of the incident, which took place at 11.40am near Lake View, Iowa.

The Sloss siblings were on their way to a family event in Ida County, and later they were planning to do some target shooting.

Spencer Sloss was showing his younger sister how to disassemble his Sig Sauer 9mm handgun to clean it when it discharged, striking her in the hip.

Her brother had to climb over the arm rest to stop the car after his sister was shot, and he then called 911 for help and carried Megan out of the car.

A doctor driving by stopped to render medical aid until Sloss was taken to Hospital in Sac City. She was then flown to Mercy Medical in Des Moines, where, sadly, she died from her injury.

Officials say Spencer Sloss has a valid permit to carry the handgun. No charges have been brought against him, the shooting remains under investigation.