Lady Shares Her Experience With Man Who Wants To Sleep With Her To Get A Job

She went for an interview, she is brilliant and did well in the entire process. She was hopeful that the company would employ her, but what did she get? A message from one of the Oga who interviewed her, saying "Meet Me At Mega Hilton Hotel". Read her experience below:

I'm still devastated...sequel to the message I got to meet him in a hotel, I braced up yesterday and went ahead to meet the man. He sat me down and went straight to the point; that if he don't lay with me I should forge about the job, that he is untouchable... 
I was just staring at him, and as he finished talking, I just told him there "God bless you sir, you will surely be rewarded, I won't do that nonsense with you, but will keep on searching until God gives me my own job". 
I felt really bad but just struggled to hold my self and calmly walked out of the hotel...I leave the man to his fate, he has a score with God.
That is the mess our society is in, who knows how many ladies he has slept with in the same office?