Lady who kidnapped two kids in Lagos goes mad, strips n*ked

A female kidnap suspect in the custody of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, Lagos, has been taken by police to the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, to determine her state of health.

The lady was arrested after two missing siblings were found with her in Ojuwoye Market, Lagos. But in recent times, she has been acting crazy in custody, taking off her clothes.

She was said to have stripped on numerous occasions, including the times she was taken out of cell to give her statement to the police.

It was gathered that she also attacked other suspects in her cell, which made the authorities at the SCIID to move her to a solitary cell.

A source at SCIID told Punch that at the solitary cell, the suspect continued to strip herself and was fond of dancing with vigour.

“Since the time they brought her, she had been misbehaving. We initially thought she was putting up a show, but we discovered it was not ordinary.

She could dance from morning till night although nobody heard the music she was dancing to. She would suddenly remove her clothes, sometimes tearing the clothes off her body. We have tried to take her statement many times, but each time, she stripped herself naked. We usually had to force her to wear the clothes.

“We had to isolate her in a cell so that there would be peace.

“She eats like elephant and as soon as she wolfs down her food, she would start dancing. If you don’t give her food, it is another problem. If you ask for her name, she will give you more than three names in a second. She had claimed to be Ganiyat, Cynthia, Sola, among other names,” the source added.

It was gathered that the police at the SCIID decided to take the lady to the neuro-psychiatric hospital to determine her mental state.

Doctors at the hospital, after reportedly ascertaining that she was mentally unstable, told the police to bring her back on Thursday, September 15, for a proper test.

Police is now trying to trace her people but so far it's been difficult locating her family members.