Lagos Civil Service, most corrupt in the world – APC Chieftain

Human rights lawyer, Dr. Tunji Abayomi on Friday said Lagos state has the potential to become like Dubai but that it's impossible because of massive corruption going on in the state.

According to him, Lagos State will make significant progress if corruption in the state is reduced by just 10 percent.

Speaking in an interview with Independent, Abayomi, who is a chieftain of APC, also described the Lagos State civil service as the most corrupt civil service in the world, saying it is time to have a reformation of governance in Lagos and the entire South West.

While adding that state governments in the South West are too corrupt, he said he had to force some officials in a particular ministry in the state’s civil service to return the sum of N4m which they illegally collected from a poor union in the state.

“I think it (South West) needs to be more diversified and accommodating to diverse opinion. The same people that are there remained there and continued there. It is not expanding to accommodate new thoughts. Because of that, it is not advancing.

“The other issue is, the party needs to do a lot more in terms of meeting the needs of the people. There is a need for reformation of government in the South West. It follows the same old pattern.

“Even in Lagos here, Lagos State civil service is one of the most corrupt civil service in the world. Only recently, I had to force a ministry in the civil service of Lagos state to return N4m which they took illegally from a poor union for no just cause. I made some officials of the ministry return the money. They are so corrupt. How long are we going to continue in this corruptive path?” he asked.