September 26, 2016

LIFE: 7years Ago.. Adekunle Gold went for MTN Project Fame but He Failed

I've told you guys many times here not to give up on yourself or someone you love because they've not yet 'made it' in your estimation. In most cases, for a person who's not lazy, it takes about 5 years or more to get your acts together properly and success will begin to flow.

That's why you see many cases of woman left man because he's not rich and few years later that same man becomes rich. It's nothing special, the man was just focused and hardworking and eventually he got his breakthrough. The woman on her part was just not patient enough. Simple!

Now here's the story of popular musician Adekunle Gold:
"Seven, and also eight years ago, I auditioned for MTN Project Fame. I no enter. Today, I was a Guest Performer on the show. Na God!"

~ Adekunle Gold.


Anonymous said...

I love this...... Nobody wey no fit make am

ats three said...

Wow! Inspiring!

inumidun said...

Change is d onli constant tin in life..

Hassan Aderemi said...

Failure today might be the most celebrated brilliant tomorrow.

Kay Heavy said...

Patience is key

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