LOL! Angry Man asks Ex-Fiancee’s Family to pay all the cash he wasted on her

Wonders shall never end! A man who's angry that a lady spent over N200,000 on in less than two months of dating said she's not ready to marry him yet, has demanded that his ex-fiancee and her family return all the money he was "wasted" on her.

The ex-fiancee's sister shared the story online. Read what she wrote:

“See me see wahala. This is the expenses list of what my sisters supposed hubby gave my parents, to pay back all he has done for her. Meanwhile, my sister knew this guy less than 2months ago, through my parents.
He claims he wants to marry my sister. But my sister insisted on studying him first before jumping into the marriage. The guy and his parents, especially the mum, were hurrying everything up, that they needed a wife ASAP. 
To my parents it was a dream come true while my sister was not happy about the whole issue. Finally my sister said, nothing good can come out of it because she does not have feelings for the guy and she sees no reason why dey are in a rush. 
If you look closely at that list, you will see #220,000, that was meant for the traditional marriage, claiming they needed it in a small way. Since my sister said NO, they requested for a pay back of all he has done during their time of dating, including the money he gave my brother."