Men Be Warned, Having Affair With Married Women Is 'Danger'

by Bunmi Sofola
From time to time, I get letters from folks that are so interesting that I feel I ought to share them with the rest of you. A few days back, a letter simply signed “Iyabode” popped up on my e-mail and I couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I read it. 

She wrote: “Dear Bunmi, I am one of the regular readers of your articles in The Vanguard every Sunday, and I do not even know how fully I can express my feelings about your articles. If I may tell you, they have really improved my lifestyle and I always make copies available to friends whenever the need arises.

Bunmi, I shall be grateful if you can please help write something one of these days on: Why men of today prefer married women as girlfriends. Honestly speaking, it is a vogue in town these days.
Please help emphasize on the following points...
Class: This set of married women are known for their own class. Most of them are wives of rich and notorious men. These men also go out at all times with extremely younger girls, leaving their wives and kids at home, thinking that money can fix everything, forgetting about love and happiness.

S*x: This category of ladies are preferred by some young men because they do have wide s*xual experiences and they are very safe as they don’t pester the men for marriage.

Fashion: These ladies are very fashion conscious. They are seen in designer dresses and at beauty parlours. They do not mind how much they spend on manicures, pedicures and professionally applied make-up, all in order to look impeccably groomed. Not to talk of ridiculously expensive hair extensions. They are also seen in various body shops where they do expensive keep fit exercises. 

This set of ladies have all the time in the world to look after themselves as a result of their rich husbands not staying at home most of the time. Their main achievement is to dress to kill.

Conclusion: Most of these ladies do commit adultery shamelessly. They (the ladies) have all the time to have fun outside their matrimonial homes whenever their rich husbands are not around.

Advice: Bunmi, please advise us all against the danger in this type of reckless acts.

- From Iyabode