Money Getting Scarce: Try To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Adequate caution is necessary at this time, for you not to run into financial issues in months ahead....
Be prepared to let go of some things and spend only when necessary. If you have saved money, try not to touch it quickly.

Avoid capital projects until you are certain of replenishing your bank accounts. Avoid social travels that bring no added income for now.

If attending a burial, wedding, naming ceremony, marriage anniversary will eat into your savings, avoid them. You may be called names, accept the name but understand that the same people will call you worse names if you have to borrow from them to feed your family tomorrow.

Reduce all responsibilities. Your first duty is to your family. If you don't provide for them, who will?

Cut your pants according to your cloth. If you think staying in three bedroom or more will take more than half of your savings, move into two bedroom. Tomorrow you could own houses. Be wise.

Help those around you start cutting cost by cutting cost yourself. Don't spend too much to celebrate your birthday or anniversary because you will be putting pressure on them to celebrate theirs.

If they call and ask how your celebration is going to be, tell them "Ground no level". Tell them you believe you would do a bigger celebration next year.

Do not be pushed into unnecessary spending for any reason, especially to impress people.

Even if you have the money to spend, spend very wisely.

- by Deji