Niger Delta Avengers Bomb Bonny Pipeline In Rivers State

Just when we thought these guys have changed their destructive ways. The Niger Delta Avengers say they have bombed the Bonny crude oil Export Line in Rivers State, Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.

In a statement on its website, the group said it “brought down oil production activities at the Bonny 48 inches crude oil Export Line” through its “strike team”.

Avengers said the attack was a “wake up call” for the government, which it accused of intimidating youths in the region since the ceasefire began.

The statement, however, said the group was “still in favour of dialogue and negotiations”.

This would be the first attack in Nigeria’s southern energy hub since Niger Delta Avengers declared in August that it was halting hostilities to pursue talks with the government.

It comes as part of a chain of attack on oil installations by militant groups in Nigeria’s south-south region, which has drastically affected the nation’s economy.

The Niger Delta Avengers have claimed responsibility for most of the attacks on the oil facilities.


  1. Let them continue to destroy their own future and they will be the one to reap the sorrow

  2. Patience boys, corruption is really fighting back.

  3. They re not doing any good to their people.

  4. They would live to suffer the consequence of the destruction of nation's wealth & their unborn generation will curse them for suffering that mighr emanate from the legacy of destruction they might left behind

  5. Issokay continue! Dem papa mama jonathan don ginger dem again..


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