Niger Delta Militants vow to Bomb NNPC if Patience Jonathan is Arrested

The Niger Delta Peoples Professional Volunteer Force (NDPPVF), a group which says its members are workers in the oil and gas industry, has threatened to bomb the headquarters of the NNPC if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) dares to arrest Patience Jonathan.

Accusing the anti-graft agency of witch-hunting the former first lady, the group advised EFCC to lift the No Debit Order imposed on her Skye Bank accounts immediately.

The accounts contained more than $15 million, but Jonathan’s wife has claimed that the money was meant for her medical bills.

Last week, EFCC filed money laundering charges against Waripamowei Dudafa, Jonathan’s special adviser on domestic affairs, whom the former first lady directed to open the accounts.

Ibrahim Magu, chairman of the EFCC, told reporters that Jonathan’s wife was under investigation.

But in a statement, NDPPVF warned Magu that investigating Patience could result into “bad blood, embarrassment and possible unrest in the Niger Delta.”

“Recently, there have been calls on the attorney-general of the federation as well as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)to arrest and prosecute the former First Lady for alleged money laundering.

“We shall simultaneously bomb the 4 wings of the NNPC Towers the day it is announced that MRS. PATIENCE GOODLUCK JONATHAN has been arrested by the EFCC.”

Niger Delta and bombing. Must every issue be resolved with bombs? Issokay!


  1. What are we up to in Nigeria? Is this a banana Republic? If mama peace has nothing to hide let her go to court. Who are the sole called NDPPVF? Nigeria is a Republic above treat from individuals or group.

  2. Calls by the groups of beast no nation.

  3. Issokay hmmm this na. Our country call nigeria, people are are now protecting and celebrity impunity God help the poor, it's wrong for anybody now to prove the source of his-her wealth to the authority, a a single group can never be bigger than this Nation,Niger delta Ogas Una welcome, dere is God oooh

  4. Since most of them benefited from the proceed of corruption & looted fund, they will always ready to take bullets for the corrupt politicians. Instead of them to seek for justice in law court to proof her innocent or get punished if found guilty, they are singing war songs.

  5. Why would the refracts not keep shut, think or reason and bury their faces in shame? To probe or investigate some, is it a taboo? Or is anyone above the laws of the land?

    Heads of government of other lands, even in Africa, have been subjected to probes and investigations and some jailed or asked to refund their loots.

    Is it not the collection of all these monies stolen by people like Patience Jonathan that has kept this country the way it is today? A house wife cornering money to the tune mentioned above aside from the assets she would claim to have on ground - it's ridiculous.

    Come to ask yourself, who is anybody to attempt threatening any agency for carrying it's legitimate duties? Is there sense at all in the thought of 'we'll make a certain area in the country difficult to reside when things are even turning around like this in the land?'

    Fools should start being sensible and sensitive to situations, okay? Ibrahim Magu is not from the Niger Delta and a Niger Deltan will swear hell and thunder on Niger Delta, who is he doing, Magu or himself? Better any idiot who wants to destroy anything goes to Magu's village or house to do so.

    Wake up, it's dawn already.

  6. The so called idiot bombers! It's now crystal clear that individuals threatening to bomb NNPC tower if Patience Jonathan is arrested by EFCC are stark illiterate and ignorance.you've decided to mortgage your future & generations to come 'coz of token without meaningful development in your area.Go ahead and bomb everything,you sons of perdition,No future ambitions.These people keep their children abroad and use you guys as instruments to achieve selfish reasons.

  7. I still don't know why PMB has not order some tough measures on this miscreants like OBJ did

  8. Why are u not protesting for inadequate infrastructures in ur area? But protesting bc old woman looted money and govt want to probe her

  9. Niger deltan beast go and continue to destroy your own part of income and livelihood coz of Mama pieces who stole money meant to develop your region,Bayelsa Where the Husband is from is under develop you guys should wake up from your slumber

  10. I reason different from these idiots who celebrate one of their own executed in far away Malaysia for drug peddling as a 'hero '& now threatening us with bombs if one of their own who is just an ordinary illiterate house wife that looted us dry is arraigned.i don't know what our president is waiting... I MISS OBJ.

  11. Criminal organizations everywhere, defending economic saboteurs.
    Members of the Stealing Association of Nigeria (SAN), No Bars Association (NBA) and Niger Delta Militants.

  12. So patience Jonathan is Avenger now.

  13. Its nw vewi glaring dt ds woman n her useless husband has a hand in d unending atrocities of d Niger delta, dey r d ones instigating it, dts y dey r taking sides wiv her wen dey r supposed 2 do odawise, dey r being brain washed wiv petty cash n ve sold dere birth right, dey lack all gud amenities dt can benefit dere lives n communities, bur r making unnecessary threats upandan..


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