Nigerian Pastor Heals A Mad Man Live On The Road (photos)

A pastor was said to have prayed for and healed the man pictured above in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. It attracted many people who knew the man when he was mad, now he's ok. See more photos...


  1. Hallelujah Jesus Christ is alive, He's the one and only Saviour of the World there is no other name in Heaven, or on earth, or under the earth that can save. JESUS!!!!!!

  2. Well, I do not understand what is meant by healing a madman. Is it the removal of shackles or the feeding? This is not healing! It is showing sympathy. You can talk of healing if the man is able to function appropriately such as take care of himself, function adequately in social responsibilities.
    However, the sympathy express to this individual is appreciated but this cannot be defined as healing.

  3. God is wonderful, He's a miracle working God, an alpha & Omega!


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