by Dr Ademola Oladosu
Dear Mr President, 
We really appreciate the fantastic effort you are making in sustaining the economy of our country, Nigeria. Looking around the world, and seeing what is going on even in countries like Saudi Arabia where a lot of companies cannot pay salaries, we cannot but really appreciate your efforts.

In my opinion, the problem of Nigeria and most African countries militating against any meaningful development is agriculture, yet we go abroad to import cutlasses, tractors and so on.

To implement our health care programme, we have to go out to import scissors, artery forceps and stethoscopes and all other basic and big equipment and implements. As regards education, we produce chemistry teachers and yet cannot produce test tubes and pipettes; we import rulers, pencils and other laboratory equipment. This happens in every sector including transport.

Sir, you have broken the jinx when you instructed the Nigerian Army to start producing their basic equipment especially light weapons. Please, do the same in other ministries. Let us have equipment production in every ministry or a ministry for equipment and implement production that will coordinate equipment production generally, so that a substantial part of our budget every year will not go into importing basic equipment and our youths will be gainfully employed.

In all, agriculture is the way!

- Dr Ademola Oladosu