Pastor Paul Enenche's late Brother's Widow Thrown Out of Her Husband's House

Barely a week after the burial of Rev Sammoses Enenche, the immediate younger brother of Dr. Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Church Abuja, the widow, Anne, has been ejected from her late husband’s apartment.

According to Idoman Voice, the woman, who is still mourning her husband who was buried last Wednesday in Orokam, Benue State was today reportedly chased out of her husband's apartment in Lugbe area of Abuja by some persons believed to be her late husband’s relatives.

An insider hinted IDOMA VOICE that the people threw out her loads and asked her to vacate the house with immediate effect, without any reason.

They also collected the late husband's church, Jesus Glory Chapel International from her and asked her to return to Otukpo, Benue State.

"At the moment, the woman is in tears and has been taken to Maitama area of Abuja by a church member," a reliable insider told IDOMA VOICE.

I guess we'll know more about this saga in the coming days.


  1. Is there no will ni? It's too early 4 Christ sake!

  2. That's Idoma Culture For You, The Bealive In There Culture Modern The Way The Bealive Bible.

  3. That's Idoma Culture, The Bealive In Culture Modern Bible.

  4. That's Idoma Culture For You, The Bealive In There Culture Modern Bible

  5. Can you imagine? The wicked practices we operate called culture. Smh


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