PHOTOS: Bleeding Lady dropped openly by A Jeep in Lagos and zoomed off...

The desperation today is something else, you can't know who is who until it's too late. A man named Gabriel Oluwafemi said this lady was dumped on the floor in Ikeja by someone in an SUV. 

She's not moving and can't speak up. Gabriel shared these photos and wrote:
"Pls kindly share until it gets to anyone who can identify her. I found her motionless at Allen on my way to the office this morning, behind Alade Market. I had to call 767 and waited 2 hrs for the Lagos state Emergency service to come to her aid. Eyewitness said a Jeep dropped her off in the morning at about past 7, she was bleeding in the mouth and leg. She was trying to point at something and talk but was difficult for her."
I hope she's able to get help. Sigh!