PHOTOS: Husband Pictured Eating His Wife's Placenta

The modern day saga. A father has sparked uproar after posting a video of himself eating his wife's placenta with an English fry-up breakfast a week after his baby boy was delivered.

32yrs old Mr Ross Watson even added pepper and brown sauce to his wife's placenta, declaring that what he ate was "edible and nutritious".

In the video, Mr Watson sits down at a dining table with a raw piece of placenta on a plate, a plate of cooked placenta and a normal English breakfast plate of beans, sausages and toast.

"I've always said I'm going to eat my wife's placenta," he said in the clip. It's definitely better cooked. Nine months in the cooking and about 10 minutes in the eating. Cheers!"

Watson later posted the clip to Facebook.

One commenter wrote: "I'm no a fussy eater but just nooooo. You're practically a cannibal." Hmmm!