Reactions trail Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s position on marriage

You know we live in a generation were people want to pick and chose only the place they like in the holy book. The ones they are not comfortable with they use civilization to suppress them. Lol!

Some have been criticizing the general overseer of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on the social media over his religious views on gender equality and marriage.

Below what people are saying:

A Facebook post on the official page of the church’s online ministry, last Sunday, cited an excerpt of the clergyman’s message titled ‘Who is a husband and what is his role?’, in which husbands were defined as “masters” as opposed to “male partners.”

The popular pastor said, “They (women) believe they are equal partners. ‘Husband’ does not mean the male partner in a marriage, husband means master.

The Bible says the man is the head of the woman (1 Corinthians 11:3) so when you marry him, you come under his authority. You are not authority sharers, even though you are both heirs to the kingdom of God.”

Pastor Chris said ladies who refuse to subject themselves to that authority become rebels.

“God is not going to accept what you are doing because you are not functioning correctly. Why did God make the woman? If most women had fathers bold enough to talk to them, they would be very successful in their marriage and they would be very happy people.

“Most women have never been taught by parents, their fathers particularly and that’s their biggest problem because they don’t know who a man is. They think he is another woman,” he said.

The message went viral on many platforms.

Expectedly, Pastor Chris' message received backlash from people who want marriage their own way.

Blessing Meteke said, “Unfortunately, this is the type of preaching that millions of Nigerians listen to. ‘Making a woman was not God’s original plan. When a husband is angry, the wife is the victim.’

“This is what men adhere to and they make their wives and daughters-in-law slaves in their homes. Misogyny has eaten deep into several Nigerians and they use the Bible as a cover-up. This is not only disheartening but exasperating.”

Babalola Olusegun added, “Can the pastor explain Genesis 1:27, because looking at the passage, God put women in His plan even before creating them. The man should remember that the woman is removed from his ribs, which means the man is not complete without the woman.”

Jane Onyejiaka also said, “Some points in this sermon are flawed, with all due respect. I will never teach my sons that a woman is an afterthought. God doesn’t do things for doing sake. Anyway, he is a pastor, not God. I always sieve what I read and I take the good and leave the rest.”

Ekaette Essien said, “I didn’t see any advice for men here. Making a successful home should not be a one-sided thing. It should not rest on the shoulder of only the women. A man who loves his wife will surely earn respect from such a wife.”

In his message on Facebook Pastor Chris said the reason for most problems in Christian marriages is because some woman today are refusing God’s definition of marriage and want their own way.

Compare the level of troubles and divorce in marriages today, to when marriage was according to the actual dictates of the holy book and tell yourself the bitter truth.