Remi Adeoye celebrates his beautiful wife for being respectful despite being a CEO

These days that some are busy fighting "equal rights" with their husband in the name of feminism, a man who has a good wife should celebrate her. AU diplomat, Remi Adeoye has this to say:

This is my wife
We have been a couple for 23 years
Mother of my four children
She treats me as King.
She is neither my servant nor my slave
She is my Queen.
She is a strong woman
Yet very obedient
I love her with a passion

She is a company C.E.O. and Managing Director
Yet she submits to my authority.
Authority does not mean master-servant relationship
It is not a recipe for violence or abuse
I have never raised my hands against her.
Submission is not slavery.

This is the Godly way:
Wives, Obey your husbands
Husbands, Love your wives
You cannot go wrong with this formular.

Those who feel they know too much, continue applying your 'fomular' in marriage and see the result.