September 20, 2016

REPORT | Evidence that Chief of Staff took N500m bribe from MTN to reduce fine presented to Buhari

President Muhammad Buhari has received concrete evidence that his Chief of Staff (CoS), Abba Kyari, took N500million from operators of MTN to help the telecommunications giant mitigate the fine imposed on it by the federal government, according to SR report.

Sources say the evidence was presented to Buhari several times including during the Sallah holiday.

The mind-boggling revelation is latest in the mounting allegations of corruption involving members of the top echelon of President Buhari’s administration.

Confronted with the evidence, the CoS reportedly claimed he was helping the APC party raise funds for the gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State, to which the president is said to have asked him if he was the party chairman, but did not relieve him of his post.

SR has previously revealed several corrupt actions of the Chief of Staff. They include taking money from Jide Omokore, a shady businessman who was massively involved in corruption in the oil sector in the preceding administration.

Following acceptance of the money, Mr. Kyari reportedly took Mr. Omokore twice to meet President Buhari to enable the businessman to make a promise to refund some of the funds. A source told SR Omokore promised to refund N500million.

When Omokore was eventually arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the CoS reportedly told President Buhari that it was the EFCC chair, Ibrahim Magu, who had bungled progress concerning Omokore. SR has also previously reported that Mr. Kyari wants to remove Magu from the anti-graft body in favor of a candidate who is more amenable to his wishes.


inumidun said...

Mstcheeew, people loosing face, values n esteem cos of greed..

Anonymous said...

Hard to get a clean politician in Nigeria. P

Anonymous said...

a former md at uba we need answers

Harbolarkale Niyi said...

Can you imagine....... Wonders shall never end

Barnabas said...

Everyone of them, thief.
No honor but they are called honorable.
Polithieves and honor.
EFCC for Barawo, "Honorable" Abba Kyari.

ats three said...

Na wa o. Wetin money dey cause ehnnn

Hassan Aderemi said...

Hope we get it right one day with nobody to be trusted now over corruption. That's serious!

shalon111 said...

My question still remain,that can money buy everything in this world....if yes.then PMB cant bring change into this country. But no PMB can change this country for good .....because ppl cant change when it come to money issue

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