Rice is expensive because Nigerians eat it too much, imports almost everything – Audu Ogbeh

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbeh, said Nigerian businessmen demanded 2.5 billion dollars (N492 billion) a week for importation of goods and services into the country.

Ogbeh made this known in a meeting with officials of VICAMPRO, an indigenous Agro Company investing in production of Irish Potato on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said that the ministry was willing to support local investors with capacity to produce goods and save the country’s foreign exchange.

He said that the consumption of rice in the country was rising and that a lot of people were not aware that the rice had some degree of arsenic.

The minister said that consuming rice in large quantity on a regular basis was a bit of health risk, adding that substituting it with potato would be welcomed development. “The volume of importation of virtually everything into this country is too much.

“The demand for dollars in this country as at today is 2.5 billion a week; this is the quantum of dollars Nigerians are asking for to import things.

“Since 1986, we began this habit of importing everything and doing virtually nothing at home to sustain ourselves; now, we do not have the dollars and people are very hungry.

“This day was coming anyway, no matter who was in power; we have the most ridiculous method of devaluing our currency; every week, we auction the dollar and naira goes up.

“We sat and were hoping that by devaluation, we are going to arrive at Eldorado; if we continue like this, it will be a thousand naira to a dollar,’’ he said.


  1. You are a useless man. You people ban importation of rice to starve Nigerians to death

    1. May God judge you audu ogbe

  2. Yeye talk, like dts an excuse..

  3. Olu,, ara you there?
    Chief Ogbe should please tell us what he ate to grow old graciously. He should shut up and keep earning his retirement benefit monthly from this administration of his age mate friend before is time.

  4. If you checked his home most of the consumption are imported goods.

  5. This man is a complete Bumkum.


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