September 14, 2016

Secondary School Student Commits Suicide Over Boyfriend

A Junior Secondary School (JSS) II student of Gyegeh Memorial College Logo1 in Makurdi, Benue State, identified as Jessica Beer, has committed suicide.

The female student according to sources drank a substance believed to be poison and was rushed to a clinic in Akpehe, before doctors confirmed her dead on arrival.

A close friend of the deceased, who would rather want to remain anonymous, told The Nation that the girl committed suicide because her boyfriend by name Labi, a pork meat seller at Wurukum Market in Makurdi impregnated and abandoned her and then impregnated another girl.

Residents of the area who were startled by the sad news rushed to the clinic only to confirm it's true.


Jekwu said...

Olu, are you there?
Jss student? Hmmmmmmm!

ats three said...

Huh??? What's happening to the children of our days?

inumidun said...

God hlp us, ds generation r being exposed 2 immortality daily..

Hassan Aderemi said...

That's serious, at that age in that class, to have committed suicide because of a boyfriend.

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