SERIOUSLY? Pastor Stuck In Shrine While Destroying Idols

A pastor, identified as Wale Fagbere, became motionless while he was destroying a shrine in Ketu, a community in Ayetoro, Yewa North area of Ogun State.

The pastor, whose church address could not be ascertained as at the time of reporting, reportedly became motionless and speechless after he had allegedly destroyed some shrines in the town.

It was gathered that the cleric was reported to have told his congregation that he had a revelation to destroy all the shrines in Ketu community.

After being found transfixed in the shrine, residents who saw him raised the alarm, following which custodians of the shrines came to the place.

The Native Doctor insisted they had to perform rituals before the pastor could regain his sense.

The rites were performed following the intervention of Alaye of Ayetoro, Oba Abdulaziz Adelakun, who appealed to the priests to ‘release’ him.

The state acting Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the incident, adding that the cleric might be charged for “sacrilege and malicious damage.”

He said, “The command got the report at its division in Ayetoro that one Evangelist Wale Fagbere went to Ketu to destroy traditional worshippers’ shrines. After the destruction, the man became motionless and could not talk.

“When the policemen visited the place, the traditionalists said the subject could not be taken away until some rites were performed. The victim was revived and handed over to his family for more spiritual cleansing.”


  1. Let other men of God pray to heal this Pastor because if eventually, he got healing by the traditional priest it become shame on them that despite their faith, they could not heal the co-man of God. Also this should sound as warning to trespassers on religious matter, you can preach to them to destroy their shrines but not to over step your boundary by demolition of their shrines.

  2. Wetin carry am go there now? Fake pastor!

  3. Olu are you there?
    Give ceaser what is his and God what belongs to him. Do not touch a sleeping tiger on his tail,Surely he will wake up and react.

  4. Did God ask him to go there or he went on his own to gain popularity. He is lucky to be alive. If God asks him to do it, no demon can stop him. God rarely operates like that. God will not ask you to destroy all the shrines in an entire area, but while preaching, you stumble on one, God can use you to demonstrate His power.

  5. LIES! LIES!! LIES!!! This is another orchestrated lie from where ever. We know the game plan, true Christians cannot be intimidated by this cock and bull story. In this age, time and technology, not a single picture can we have to justify the true nature of this story if ever it happened. Jesus is still Lord over all and at His word, all these demigods must surely bow and not the other way round. So my advice, children of God, don't be cowed by this story, we are and forever will remain more than conquerors. Jesus is Lord. NEXT...

  6. Enter your comment...Fake Pastor sent himself.A real pastor can never be.... Who sent him? Is it by force to perform any miracle not assigned for him? A disgrace to .,...

  7. I read the news this morning..... Really serious issue

  8. If it was God that truly asked him to go there, then that wouldn't have happened. I'm very certain of that. God doesn't give to a person what he/she cannot bear.

  9. Lets apply sense and maturity in whatever we want to do by asking for divine leading of holy spirit.Don't fight for God,Since our God is alive,He shall fight for Himself.Preach the gospel of peace and God'll demonstrate His raw power when challenged into a battle.


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