Some Ghanaians Are Now Seeing Nigeria As Less Privileged?

Chai!...what is happening to giant of Africa??


  1. The billionaire is visiting organised countries, if he ignored your country, it means your country is not settled.

  2. It's painful that mark didn't visit Ghana

  3. Just dere thought though..

  4. A less privileged Nigeria is still 100 times better than Ghana.
    It's all about the people, Nigerians in Ghana are the only reason Ghana is doing good, Ghanians left alone are clueless and non progressive unless they are copying Nigerians.

  5. Enlightened Ghanaians will never talk less of Nigeria. We sustain their economy. Imagine the numbers of schools and lecturers we put food on their tables through Nigerians studying here, Zenith and GTB are the banks granting facility to their Oil & Gas sector, calculate the amount Nigerians spend in shopping weekly. The jealous one's even say Nigerians have made their women become expensive to control. When a man pass you, e pass you. The educated ones appreciate our presence.


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