This Lady Sold "Akamu" To Sponsor Herself In University

Beautiful Ebere Nwabuike sure deserves to be celebrated these days that some see relationship with the opposite sex as the easiest 'business' venture to make money. She survived and sponsored herself through university by selling local pap popularly called akamu.

A Facebook user, Onyinye Okoye, who shared her story, said Ebere Nwabuike is a graduate of Agric Economics from University of Agriculture, Makurdi. She took over the biz from her mother.

I don't know maybe it's because our society is not celebrating diligence enough that is making people resort to all sorts of dirty acts these days, in a bid to get money. 

There is dignity in labour. Kudos to this special lady!


  1. She is not the money for hand back for ground type

  2. I am proud of her. Ladies, if you think, you will wait and meet that guy who will carry all your responsibilities including recharge telephone cards, keep waiting. I just blocked one I met 3 days ago who have requested from me all her family solutions as if I signed a paper the day she was born to pay her way in life.

  3. Wow! Really commendable. Well done gal.


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