UNILAG Student Rusticated Over Facebook Post Arrested

Management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has trailed and arrested Adeyeye Olorunfemi; a vocal student recently victimized over Facebook post accusing the management of incompetence.

Adeyeye’s arrest follows his rustication over a critical article he posted to his Facebook wall on the poor handling of management affairs in the institution under headship of its current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rahman Bello.

Adeyeye was cornered and arrested alongside three others; Tomi Aina, Lateef Olawale, and another student identified as "Olufela."

They were arrested by the campus security men and taken to its "Alpha Base" a temporary detention centre operated by the UNILAG campus security unit.

According to SR, the campus security men were acting upon a tip-off that Adeyeye was attending a meeting of students activists concerned about the poor state of management of campuses and victimization of student activists across the country. The meeting was aimed at mobilizing students against a clampdown on student activists.

An eye witness said Adeyeye was exchanging phone numbers with some students who saw him at the University gate when the campus security men, who apparently had been trailing him approached him and three others before arresting them.

Sources said they were held overnight at the Alpha Base detention center on campus. The arrested students have been transferred to Sabo Police Station in Yaba, Lagos.

A student hinted that UNILAG authorities picked Adeyeye for detention in order to destabilize an ongoing plan by student activists across the country to hold a massive protest at UNILAG’s gate on October 1st against the victimization of students in Nigeria.

“But they are only making the massive protest garner more weight by so doing”, the student added.


  1. The VC and others just want to intimidate him. P

  2. The school management should look inward & correct the anomaly rather than given a dog a bad name to just hang him.

  3. These people will do all in their power to silence this boy for speaking the truth. It's so unfair.

  4. Total mis-use of power, ds guy did nothing wrong in laying out d truth, y suffer him 4 no just cause, all sectors of ds country is rotten wiv corruption..


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