We Are Already Coming Out of Recession – Finance Minister

Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, the Minister of Finance, has said Nigeria is already getting out of the economic recession, given the pragmatic approaches the Federal Government is taking to reverse the trend.

She said this on Wednesday while fielding questions from journalists at the end of a 2-day National Council of Finance and Economic Development conference held at the Green Legacy Resort, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta.

It was held in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Finance with the theme: ‘Enhancing revenue generation and obtaining best value for money in expenditure.’

Commissioners of finance from the 36 states across the country were in attendance. The minister noted that since the problems have been identified, and steps are already being taken to block waste, the road to recovery was sure.

She said, “We are already getting out of recession because of the actions the Federal Government is taking. We're investing more in capital than we have ever invested. We're sorting out infrastructure, we are stopping wastage and so the signs of recovery are already there.”

She explained that agriculture and solid minerals are already starting to grow, as they are responding to government’s policy initiative.


  1. I prayed so..... It's really hurting everybody badly

  2. I thought she said she doesn't know when we would cone out of recession now she is saying we re already coming out hmmm Issorite oo

  3. Olu are you there?
    Madam minister are you sure? We can't wait to see it happen. You guys speaks from both sides of you mouth. Emeflie will say one thing, Liar Mohammed will contradict it and you will crown it all with an untrue analysis.

  4. Dollar is 470,which indices are u using ma?abi u wan to represent nigeria in olympics for lie?are we blind?we are feelin d pains.

  5. With the investing and sorting out of infrastructure and the policies in place and working, I want to agree we are already getting out of recession though with the understanding of time

  6. ALAJI MUSTAPHA MEHE GASIKIYA29 September, 2016 15:37

    oga minister all these you people were saying are all propaganda and God is seeing what ever we thinks we are doing with educational smartness, I Want general public to understand that the solution to our present predicament is there and people that suppose to aid us to bring this Problem to an end are also there but our leaders are mindful of personal interest.

  7. what strategies are u guys going to use? the only way out if there is heeding to what v.p Atiku Abubarka said in Lagos yrsterday. then allow the pple that wants to go to.


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