"Why I say a Kabuto Rejectamenta to the Political Dinosaur which is APC just now"

written by Egbeolowo Ridwan Olaitan
I Write as a Bonafide Citizen of Nigeria... I write as a Compos Mentis Homo Sapien..... I write as a Rosicrucian to be.... I Write As one who feel the Pains of the Hoi Polloi.....I write as a Philosopher Cum Realist................. 

"Memo DAT Quod Non Habet" you don't give out what you don't have, but the reverse is the case here in Nigeria where Propaganda is the Password or key to unlock most of her citizens. 

Let me say straightaway that 
I quite understand the untold hardship and Penkelemes we got ourselves into.. To be frank and Realistic I think we are the Architect, Engineer, Driver of our Misfortune and Predicament. The Buhari's Spartan Discipline is nothing but a "Witch-Huntin" Is this not the same man whose political Enemies Never wanted us to Vote in 2015, Is this Not the same man whose political enemies said he was suffering from Lung Disease. 

But we Insisted, We Voted Him he Got Victory but what we get in Return is the Colossal and Humongous High Cost of Living. I said it Ab-initio but it is just a Pity that my people are not seeing what seeing up to this moment. 

The APC led administration Promises the Following ... 
(1) to equal one naira to one dollar....
(2) to bring petrol price to 45 naira per litre... 
(3) to give 5,000 naira to average Nigerian's and Vice Versa... 

But today; for party affiliation, for political Somnambulism and Malocclusion. They Have remain Closemouthed, Taciturn, Reticent, uncommunicative and Unforthcoming. I say a Kabuto Rejectamenta to this Buhari's Led Administration Characterized by Spartan Discipline and Witch Hunting which has no effects on Socio Economic Lemmatas. 

It is High time we Find a Remedy to this Malady or Else it will cause another financial Bantigism, precipitation and Economic Quagmire. Mr President I Beg u in the name of the Big Man They Claim to be in the Sky to Find a Lasting Remedy to this Ugly Debilitating and Exasperating Situation Before it leads us to the Apocalypse where nothing can be done. 

Could he be that we are Heading for Better Days...? Hmmm (Aluta Continua, Victoria, Ascerta) 

- Egbeolowo Ridwan. 


  1. Mr egbeolowo ridwan,there is no doubt that ur write up is nothing but a notice me one ,I will like to ask u some questions first,how much was in ur country foreign reserve bfor this administration come on board.two,can u pls give me some list of finished product made in Nigeria that we export to other countries. Three,apart from crude oil which we are not refining here bfor d inception of this administration,which other products generate revenue internationally into the federation acct bcos I can see u have a very good sense of judgement but ur sense of judgement lacks a vital tool called a sense of history which a learned person like u call urself needs before such an ignorant write up of urs is seen in public places for a notice me sake

  2. Unpatriotic & unfaithful observation.some Nigerians hate PMB bcs they ar not patriotic.

  3. This guy should go to beach and take a hike

  4. This guy should go to beach and take a hike

  5. Ever1 wiv his/her opinion, but d fact remains God isnt asleep..


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