Woman Confesses Her Witchcraft Activities In Delta State

Sadly, some will claim there is nothing like witchcraft. But even the whites know that witchcraft is in existence and they've written books and made several movies, chronicling their machinations.

This story which happened in Delta was shared by a man named Okiemute. Read details:


  1. Her children should take her to a strong pastor for total deliverance

  2. We Nigerians can be so ignorant! Most of these so called acclaimed witches and wizards have mental problems which sometimes make them say things that most people assume are 'confessions'. Ask Pyschiatrist. I know someone who has diabetes that when the blood sugar goes up will start talking off point. Even high fever, bipolar, schizophrenia, old age etc can cause people such. Let us please not judge but show compassion 'cos it could be a loved one.


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