Activist Faults Gbajabiamila On Jibrin's Suspension

A Civil Society Activist, Comrade Innocent Ebirim Okadigbo has stated that the constitutional right to represent any constituency in the parliament is not absolute, but limited by due process, which justifies the one year suspension of embattled former Chairman House of Representative Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Abdulmumuni JIbrin; an argument that contradicts the position of the House Majority Leader, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila who said the suspension is unconstitutional and illegal.

It could be recalled that Gbajabiamila had openly distanced himself and condemned the suspension of Jibrin as unconstitutional and illegal because the constitution did not make any provision for such suspension which had created a constitutionally unanticipated and unenvisaged vacuum for the constituency Hon. Jibrin represents.

However, in a counter position, Comrade Okadigbo, National President, Coalition of Civil Society and Media Executives for Policy Stability (COCMEP) in a recent press interview in Abuja stated that the same constitution which gave powers for various constituencies to be represented in the parliament equally gave delegated powers to the parliament to make laws for good governance in the country and its internal rules for orderliness, due process, decorum, members privileges, rights, duties and obligations, respect for parliamentary rules and constituted authorities, etc.

He emphasized that constitutionally backed parliamentary rules do not contradict the constitution, otherwise they would have been annulled long ago but they are there to strengthen the parliament to carry out its constitutional and statutory duties.

The activist pointed out that the constitution did not ask any Representative to be reckless, rascal, clownish in behaviors and to jettison due process in fighting any cause.

He said: "Hon Jibrin threw caution to the wind, avoided due process, was reckless in his utterances and conducts and he is now seeking refuge in the constitution. Surely, he will not be protected by the constitution because the constitution does not give shelter for recklessness and rascality”.

While showing concern for the members of the Federal Constituency Hon. Jibrin represents, Comrade Okadigbo urged them to channel their matter through the Senate until the resolution of the matter, since our constitution envisages such situations by creating a bicameral legislature.

Comrade Okadigbo further disagreed with Hon Gbajabiamila on the judicial aspect by stating that the court ruled in the Dino Melaye’s case that the suspension was illegal because of lack of fair hearing but in the case of Jibrin, he was granted fair hearing but he deliberately refused to appear before the Ethics and Privileges Committee.


  1. Truth will prevail,,,buh sincerely, dis is d tym d youths should rally round Jibrin,,,i salute him 4 his courage.

  2. Nigeria is really sick and our leaders are plaque with corruption and dishonest viruses. Is it Jubrin that should be suspended by the crimimals that style themselves as members of the house? Infact this show the level of corruption Nigeria wallowing in. Immagine the forth man in the nation and in the government that preaches "change" to make a disgraceful statement that Budget Paddying is not a crime because it was like that from past Government! What then are these criminals CHANGING if the same criminal practice of the past should be followed. In fact if APC has been a good and Serious government,Dogara should have been Jailed even for making the statement that past government had been doing it.but instead of jailing the criminal, the righteous was suspended. My prayer is that God will revisit the judgement and the judgement of the Criminals will be overruled

  3. One with God is a majority. When in a combat you can do it anyhow, all that is required is victory. Nobody, i repeat no body should blame jubril. His hour of glorification is near.

  4. Jibrin has points pls

  5. Politics palava..


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