Actress Grace Amarachi reveals she has s*x video; someone may expose it

Using cucumber on themselves is becoming a fab among our young ladies or what? While one is yet to die down, another has surfaced. This time the lady in the midst of the lesbianism saga had to rush to social media to confess her 'sins' and stated that she's no longer those things.

She got scared after her discussion with a man tend to suggest that the guy has the s*x video she did with a fellow lady and the clips will be leaked online.

In his reaction, the guy said when she was doing a fellow lady, he cautioned her but she didn't listen.


  1. Both parties should resolve this without soiling their reputation any further.

  2. Its seems its the season of lesbianism now oooh....
    Why are ladies so daft? If u most have fun then why must u record it?

  3. Guilty conscience, she was smart enough to let the cat of the bag before another person disclosed the secret. At the same time continue keeping your relationship with God like a biblical prodigal son.

  4. Cucumber ladies.....


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