Actress & Producer Happy Uchendu Stuns In New Photos

It’s a new phase for Nollywood producer and actress Happy Uchendu. The beautiful lady is breaking new grounds in the industry and she has some photos to celebrate this milestone.

The graduate of Microbiology started off her career in the field of science but her love for the Arts soon drew her into acting. Since then, her journey has been an interesting one. After featuring in a few movies, her hard work and tenacity paved the way for her to become a movie producer in this very competitive industry.

That move was deemed too bold, but it was worthwhile as she is excelling. More pics...

Happy has produced over 10 movies including some award winning features like: Valerie, Heroes and Villains, Behind the Curtains, The Injury, Different Passion, My Mother's Wife, Dear Diary and My Game. She is currently working on an exciting new project titled ‘Blind Spot’.