Airforce begins operation 'Forest Storm'...to finish Boko Haram

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has commenced another round of air interdiction mission codenamed ‘OPERATION FOREST STORM’ in the North East. This new phase of air offensive is aimed at finishing Boko Haram by further degrading their capabilities in the Sambisa general area.

It is with a view to restrict the freedom of action of the terrorists as well as neutralise any threat posed to movement of military ground forces in continuing with their rescue operations. 

The operation, which commenced on October 2nd, is expected to last few days. During this period, the NAF would be conducting series of air interdictions to take out a number of carefully selected targets in the Sambisa Forest.

Meanwhile, the Air Component of OPERATION DELTA SAFE has continued to rid the creeks in the Niger Delta of illegal oil refineries and barges used for carrying stolen petroleum products. 

The military is determined to rid Nigeria of all forms of criminality, either in the North or South.