October 28, 2016

Aisha Buhari Speaks: "All I Want Is My Husband To Succeed"

Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, who recently criticized the appointments of some persons she alleged did not contribute to her husband’s emergence in the 2015 elections but have hijacked the government, has declared she is interested in the success of her husband’s administration.

Both the interview and the President’s response in Berlin, Germany, drew mix reactions from across Nigeria, fueling speculation of likely cracks in the first family.

But in what appeared like a way to douse the the heat generated by her interview and apparently her first public reaction, Aisha said yesterday at Beneshiek, headquarters of Kaga area of Borno state, that her interests lie in the success of President Buhari’s government. He words:
“What I am after in particular is the success of my husband’s administration and he can’t do it alone except with the help of the governors, their wives and all members of our progressive party.”
Looking calm and smiling throughout the occasion, Aisha advised wives of governors, legislators and other political leaders to work closely with their husbands for the well-being of the people.


Dididjon Paul said...

Noted, team work pays great results.

Anonymous said...

You should be talking to your husband at home and not in the media.


Hassan Aderemi said...

The truth is better but the approach should be proper.

Babakaka muhammad said...

Enter your comment...avatar movie between aisha vs buhari

Anonymous said...

Stronger together!

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