Be Watchful My Fellow Ladies... That "Little Sin" Could Derail Your Destiny

by Temilolu Okeowo
My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, Nigerian sisters...
My heart breaks as I write you. In fact I had a troubled night when I eventually spoke with Risi. I keep wondering how she could allow the devil into her life after she had abstained from s*x and kept herself till 25+ years old. 

This is what happens when one commits other sins while staying away from s*xual inter-course or even when one remains a virgin. What one considers "a little sin" could open doors of doom. 

She not only got herself contaminated, she also killed an innocent unborn child, perhaps one of God’s prophets. Who knows what that child was sent to this world to do; this is very serious! 

The devil knowing how glorious Risi’s destiny is chose to tamper with it by setting her continuously against God.

Ladies, indeed we have a merciful God, however, He shouldn’t be taken for granted because He is quick to forgive. I keep telling you, you never know the type of destiny you carry and the magnitude of your greatness. The greater your star, the greater your battles. The devil doesn’t attack nonentities. He attacks people of great worth and value who are destined to leave their footprints in the sands of time. Alas, too many of such people are roaming the world today in great shame and pain, dejected, rejected and rendered useless by wicked devil just because they never understood the language of their star. 

You don’t know what the enemy has planned to befall you in future. His specialty is to stop great destinies by causing them to fall into challenges that would divert their trajectory and which they may never be able to overcome. Sin, no matter how little you consider it, is what gives him access to turn a beautiful life to a nightmare.

Dear Risi, I wish you had been reading this column long before now. I really feel terrible about what you have done but can only encourage you to keep the pregnancy and be strong-please. The whole situation - your schooling, inadequate finances, disappointment from your boyfriend, the pregnancy and other pressures attached to it is a very unpleasant combination; however you are better off just surrendering to God COMPLETELY! 

May God in His infinite mercy send you help from His sanctuary and strengthen you in Jesus mighty name! Amen!