Big Girl Cries Out...My White Lover Infected Me With HIV and He Slept With My Friend

This is worrisome, why should anyone do this? A Lagos lady who is into real estate has narrated how her Nigerian-based Irish lover, 64yrs old James Turner, deliberately infected her with HIV. 

She said she met Mr. Turner 8 years ago in Jos, Plateau State, and alleged that he was also willfully infecting other Nigerian ladies, including her own friend.

According to her, she was living with him until she decided to investigate the drugs he usually took only to find out it was anti-retroviral.

She said: “I confronted him but he denied. He told me that the drug was for the sore on his leg. I told him that if I must believe him, he should avail me with the doctor’s phone number, but he refused. While he was sleeping, I searched the phone and I saw the doctor’s number. I called him and he said I should come to the hospital.

"There, the doctor told me that my boyfriend is HIV positive. My world crumbled, I fell down and started crying. I did the test and it was positive. After that, I caught him pants down, sleeping with my very good friend.

"I got angry and told him he was wicked. It was at that time that I knew he deliberately infected me, as he started insulting me. He told me that I should go to hell, that he has infected many girls and that he was just beginning. He told me that I was a fool. He told me to hang myself.

"He said he’s over 60 years and that he has lived almost his life span, but that I was still 31 and no one would marry an HIV positive person. He told me to go and report anywhere I wished as I'd be ridicule and stigmatized.

I attempted suicide, but I was rescued by my friend. He said he would finish Nigerians before he leaves the country. That's the reason I reported him to the Lagos State Police."

However, Mr Turner denied the allegation, insisting it was the lady who infected him. He was very rebellious and attacked reporters. He said:Bullshit! The girl and others love money. They want to extort me. I am HIV positive, I know, but she infected me.

"Let her get away. I told her that we should settle the matter, but she decided to embarrass me. I won’t take it."

Police say the matter is still under investigation.