Big Ikebe: Empress Njamah says she "worked" for her butt

Actress Empress Njamah has reacted to claims that she enhanced her buttocks to make them big...
"I did not enhance my buttocks. I have always had big buttocks. Whoever says I tampered with my bottom is a learner. I actually reduced my buttocks because I used to like to wear a particular design and size.
As a result, I had to lose weight to fit into it. My bottom reduced when I lost some weight. I’m not against people enhancing their bodies. They have their reasons for doing so. 
But I would rather go to the gym than go under the knife because the after-effect of surgery is worse than going to the gym. If you really want to enhance your body, you can exercise and get the natural enhancement.


  1. Take ur big yansh to Central Bank and collect money na

  2. Issorite, ride on

  3. Her cup of kunu..

  4. Large and shapely butt
    Ideal for "rear entry"


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