BIG MONEY: China Tops America in Numbers of Billionaires

China's annual rich list has indicated that, once again, the country has more dollar billionaires than the US, and interestingly the gap is widening.
Property magnate Wang Jianlin of Dalian Wanda tops the list of 594 billionaires in the country, ahead of 535 billionaires in the US. Alibaba's Jack Ma was second, with his wealth having risen 41% from last year.

The annual list is compiled by Shanghai publishers Hurun and often compared to the Forbes list in the US. The Hurun Report's rich list is one of the most closely-watched and accurate assessments of wealth in China. The annual report has been published for the past 18 years.

Earlier this year, the publisher released a separate, global list, showing that the number of billionaires in China outnumbered those in the US.

But America is still holding their side with more money, as none of China's super-rich make it into the global top 20.

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  1. China is coming to be world power with the way they pursue technology. P


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