Budget Fraud: Jibrin releases names of first 50 Reps to EFCC

Suspended lawmaker, Abdulmumin Jibrin, had gave his colleagues in the House of Representatives three days to return all questionable allowances they paid themselves or risk being exposed.

Jibrin accused his colleagues of raking in millions in illegal allowances, and also he indicted himself as having received N650 million illegally.

To return their loot, Jibrin advised his colleagues to individually approach the appropriate authority and make arrangement on how to pay everything back into the federation account.

Jibrin said any lawmaker who fails to heed his call should be prepared for the backlash that would follow when he publishes details of how they perpetrated the official fraud...

“I have written to the Clerk of the National Assembly to stand by in anticipation. In the face of the revenue challenges and biting hardship the country is currently facing, there is no better time the country needs such money than now,” he said in a statement last week.

According to ST, Jibrin said he resolved to take this action after receiving numerous enquiries from different corners on the need for him to back his allegations against the House leadership and other lawmakers with evidence.

“I have come under intense public scrutiny and pressure to prove that there exists systemic corruption in the House,” Mr. Jibrin said.

Jibrin said he is specifically demanding the return of a N10 million illegal allowances his colleagues allocated to themselves while majority of Nigerians are struggling to feed.

Keeping to his promise, Hon. Jibrin yesterday said, "as I promised and gave a 72-hours ultimatum to the Principal Officers and one week to other members, I have forwarded to the Anti-graft agencies first batch of 50 members of the House that are involved in running cost allowances fraud."

He said for the Job to be easier for the EFCC, he will be releasing the names in batches - of 50 members each - until the list is exhausted.

The first batch includes Speaker Dogara, Deputy Lasun, Whip Alhassan Doguwa, Minority Leader Leo Ogor, Hon Herma Hembe, Hon Jagaba Adams Hon Timothy Golu, Hon Yunusa Abubakar, Hon Mukaila O Kazzim, Hon Lynda Ikpeazu, Hon Abdulrazak Namdas, Hon Osai Nicolas among others.

He said after the EFCC might have concluded their investigation the world will know whether he lied or told the truth on systemic corruption in the House of Reps.

As an insider, he said the House will start investigating other agencies to cover up their acts.

“As you have started noticing, many investigative hearings and ad hoc committees are springing up like mushrooms. The investigative hearings are intended to blackmail the executive arm and coax them not to act on the allegations and the ad hoc committees are used to settle aggrieved members as it provides avenues to collect bribes.

“You will also see irrational grandstanding over approval of MTEF/FSP and correspondence from the President," he said.

Revealing further, Jibrin alleged that "these are legislative antics employed by the House to use the institution of the House to shield corrupt members. This is exactly what Speaker Yakubu Dogara and his corrupt cabal are executing presently in the House.

“The EFCC and the Police has severally been victims of this kind of tactics by the House in the past to frustrate corruption investigation.

“Nigerians and the Executive arm of Govt must stand up against any blackmail from the House of Reps as they are all antics to evade justice.

"Finally, I wish to call on the Federal Govt to make me face the harshest penalty prescribed by our laws if my allegations are found to be false."


  1. Dis guy is God sent,,,i implore all youths to rally nd support him,,,rememba he's just 40yrs.

  2. It's very pathetic that national assembly is engulfed with graveyard silence as no response to this development at a time Nigeria as a nation desperately needs their assistance.With the padding fraud of this magnitude,Lawmakers are supposed to apologize to Nigerians.Mr Fani Kayode,are there to see your fellow Lawmakers looting our treasury despite their jumbo allowances;I still maintain,the youths are watching and we have our reservations.These people are disgrace to our generation as cog in the wheel of Nigeria progress....

  3. Oh “Tree Of Righteousness”, Blossom And Bring Forth Fruit!
    “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.”

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  4. Dog must eat dog in the face of hardship confronting Nigerians nowadays. It is unfortunate that Nigerians had been brought to their knees with the weapon of poverty. The present regime will never do anything on this issue because the powerful cabals will not let any investigation see the light of the day. Jubril must be careful, if not the Hawks in the cabinet may attack him. What a country!

  5. How many years will this drama last? P

  6. Matters unfolding daily..


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