Buhari Received N24.6bn & N19bn In Cash From Ex-Governor – Fani-Kayode

If I had been invited by President Muhamnadu Buhari or Professor Paden to the book launch I would have mounted the podium and said as much. Sadly I was not.

Permit me to end this contribution by making a suggestion to Paden. Since he wrote about Jonathan's campaign funds and alleged all manner of corruption concerning their source and application, in his next book on President Buhari I would suggest that he sheds more light on how his subjects own 2015 presidential campaign funds were sourced.

For a start he should tell us who provided the 10 million USD that was paid as consultancy fees to the company of Mr. David Axelrod, President Barack Obama's erstwhile campaign manager.

He should also tell us...
the source of funds and how Buhari and his team managed the 19 billion naira that was given to him in cash by the then sitting Governor of the leading and largest state in the south west and the 24.6 billion naira that was given to him in cash and in one day (which was recorded on video before being handed over) by another leading south western politician.

In addition to that he should tell us precisely how much the then Governors of Rivers and Kano states and the present Governors of Ogun and Kwara states amongst many others contributed to Buhari's campaign and where they got the money from.
Since everyone is claiming to be holy and righteous in this matter let us all get there and publicly exchange notes. After all the Nigerian public, and indeed the entire world, has a right to know.

If Paden fails to ask those questions and declines to provide the answers then he, his accursed books and his questionable and dubious "white-washing" mission of President Muhammadu Buhari shall undoubtedly remain damned forever.

Whether he does so or not other governments that will come to power in the future in this country will not only get the necessary answers but they will also do the appropiate thing and bring them to justice. It is only a matter of time.

- Femi Fani-Kayode


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  2. Nigeria I'd fill of uncommon characters in particular of recent those who want to remain relevant by writing on current issues; like our friends FFK Reuben, etc

  3. .....which was recorded on video before being handed over..... oya, show us the video. u have all these facts all the while & only after a book launch that you deem it fit to make it public.

  4. Fani-Kayode always attacking people why? P

  5. Ever since dem expose FFK say E thief 840 million naira, E no fit stop to dey fight Buhari and everything northerner.

  6. Olu are you there?
    Gbam! Fani, pls tell the whole world what is hidden under the bridge. They are holier than thou. They printed their own campaign funds. Nonsense.

  7. Buhari is a coward, holier than thou hypocrite and pretender, worst criminal in babariga

  8. Buhari is a coward, holier than thou hypocrite and pretender, worst criminal in babariga, it's a matter of time he'll run to Niger Republic his village. Busu terrorising innocent Nigerians, it served Yorubas right

  9. I hope PMB will respond to this soon

  10. Frustration is the name ffk sorry! for ur evil mind is unbearable tufiakwe


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