Dino Melaye: Buhari Should Grant Amnesty To Big Looters...

Senator Dino Melaye has called on the Muhammadu Buhari-led government to give presidential pardon and amnesty for treasury looters.

In statement on Sunday, he said: “Though an unrepentant advocate for integrity and forthrightness especially from public office holders, I however sincerely want to recommend that Mr. President grant Presidential Amnesty/Pardon to all those who looted our treasury provided they return all proceeds of their loot to the government within six (6) months of the declaration of the Amnesty.

“This, I believe will encourage the voluntary return of the the looted funds, empower the government financially to immediately commence the implementation of projects and programmes that will stimulate the economy and raise the peoples’ standard of living, and save the judiciary and other law enforcement agencies the agony of fruitlessly pursuing the looters in and out of the courtrooms.

"In the long run, this would be a win-win situation for both the government and people of Nigeria.

“At the expiration of the six months’ ‘Moratorium’, all those who failed to comply would then be made to face the reality of aggressive and expeditious prosecution and eventual jail terms for convicts in accordance with the laws of the land.

"In this regard, I recommend that henceforth no President, Vice President, Governor, or Deputy Governor should answer the name ‘His Excellency’ until the material condition of ordinary Nigerians has also become ‘Excellent’. No Senator should continue to answer ‘Distinguished’ until the the masses of the people begin to experience a distinguished existence and no Federal or state Legislator should wear the badge of ‘Honourable Member’ until the ordinary citizen is himself living a life that can be classified Honourable in every material particular."


  1. Melaye... should a common man who stole slippers be granted amnesty also?is dat what the laws says?a theif is a thief and should face the laws of the country.when u steal public funds it should be death penalty.see how we are surfering now becos of this same big looters and all u can advice is amnesty..continu

  2. At times I wonder if this man reason with his head or tail

    1. He ain't got no head, so.....

  3. Small and indirect looters like you are irrelevant ?

  4. This one is a bastard all around.
    Wife beater, treasury looter, immoral, just a complete A-hole.

  5. Who knows whether he is one of the looters, hence his plea.

    ...I truly think this is worth sharing!

    Here's a thought provoking suggestion to the government of our great country Nigeria.
    🇳🇬 🇳🇬 🇳🇬
    *A senator earns N36,000,000 monthly*.
    If this is divided into two, he collects N18,000,000 and the balance *N18,000,000 can be used to employ 200 Nigerians graduate who will earn N90,000 per month.*

    200 persons multiplied by 109 senators = *21800 employees*.

    This means that 200 Nigerians graduate can live comfortably on half of a senator's
    monthly pay.

    *A member of the Federal House of Reps. earns N25,000,000 per month.*
    If this is divided into two, the 'Honourable'
    earns N12.5million per month. The balance *N12.5million will employ 135 Nigerians who will earn N92,500 per month*.

    135 Nigerians graduate multiplied by 360 Honourables in the Federal house of Reps. = *48600 employees*.
    135 Nigerians graduate can comfortably live on half of a monthly income of just ONE Honourable member of Reps.

    *This administration can actually EMPLOY 70,400* *Nigerians graduate who will earn N90,000 and N92,500 respectively _just from the simple REDUCTION of the monthly income of both Senators and Rep members_!!*
    Do the maths....

    Now it's your responsibility to forward to your *Senator* and *House of Rep member*...
    *CHANGE should begin with the NASS!*

    Please Re-broadcast!!

  7. Arrant nonsense, ds people r terrible examples 2 d youths, dey eye top positions n desperately attain dere wiv unforeseen lies wivout ani plans of betterment 2 d office, no gud plans, no positive impact, no development n no work, just 2 collect salaries, steal fearsome amount of moni n call it witchhunt, party attack n all dey start 2 mak up senseless stories lik health, medical bills, personal savings n businesses, dey ve turned political positions 2 personal businesses, famili inheritance, friend clique, do/die affair, moni making venture, a means of fame n popularity n an untouchable grounds dereby causing rifts, feuds, chaos, scares n enemies amidst all, dey buy judges 2 call efcc's evidences blasphemy n rules out all court order calling it breach of property, sending order 2 defreeze accounts n all n bail d culprit wiv chicken change, den dey celebrate dere corruptible victory amidst demselves, nw dino is even talking abt amnesty, sure dey all need a thorough brain check cos dey ve finally gone bananas..

  8. Baba Dino! Can u advise ur fellow senators to review their allowances first before ur suggestions to us?

  9. Hmmm. Nigeria . What kind of change is this

  10. Dino of all people dey recommend punishment! 8th wonders of d world!


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