Family Man sleeps on road, threatens suicide over hardship

A country with over 160 million people without social security, no where for poor to go to get what to eat pending when they are able to get a job to take care of themselves, expect things like this.

A resident of Imo State, Chidozie Anyanwu, has said he is ready to die if the standard of living in the state does not improve.

Chidozie, who was seen lying on MCC/Uratta Road, Owerri, on Monday, refused to leave the road despite entreaties that he could be crushed to death by vehicles.

For his safety, he was avoided by motorists, including tricycle riders, plying the road.

He told The Punch that his mother died recently and was put in the mortuary, adding that she had yet to be buried due to lack of money.

Anyanwu, who is married with three children, said it was difficult for him to feed his family due to the harsh economy.

He said, “My wife is a civil servant and her salary does not come as and when due. And when it comes, the bank collects all and still debits her account because of a loan she took. The provision shop she opened with the loan is not growing because Imo people don’t have money. People, who used to patronise the shop, are no longer coming and when she calls them, they always say there is no money.”

He said since the last three months, business has been so poor for him, adding that his children ate only once in a day. People came out and begged him not to kill himself because of his family.


  1. Suicide is not the best solution to this recession... God will save us

  2. Rochas no care if the guy even do more than dat.
    Rochas too go tell the guy say things hard as money no dey enough for treasury for him (Rochas) to steal.

  3. his mother died.she is kept in the mortuary doing what when he knows he has no money? I think we have to do away with some obnoxious customs & traditions.the guy is just trying to draw attention. people that commit suicide don't give notice they only leave notice.

  4. Taking ones life isn't d solution..


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