Fayose Cries Out... Obanikoro Is Trying To Use Me To Get Out Of Trouble

The confessions of former Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro is giving his friend, the governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose some headaches. He thinks Obanikoro is being used:

Obanikoro allegedly said you were given Billions for the Ekiti guber poll in 2014, do you see that also as merely another media trial?
I wouldn’t want to join issues with EFCC or Obanikoro. But I remembered very well that Obanikoro was firing very serious salvos at the EFCC before now. 

I remembered all his statements in the press, but this dramatic return, he did not stop at the airport and there was a clear entrance straight to the EFCC custody simply shows that there is a hand of Saul in the voice of Jacob.

I’m used to all these conspiracies and the fact remains that in all these, Jesus is Lord, in all these, victory is sure, in all these, I’ve not lost any battle and I’ll not lose any. Let me believe that Obanikoro did not say all these because whatever you say, you would have to prove it in court. It is not enough to just say it. If he’s saying all these to get out of trouble, it is just a drama of the moment. I know he is looking for ways out of the quagmire as his house was seized, his bank accounts were frozen and all that. May be, my brother and friend, Obanikoro is looking for easy way out so they have to heap everything on Fayose.

I’m used to all these. In the meantime, I am busy as governor of Ekiti delivering good governance to my people. What they wanted during their conspiracy at my first tenure was to stop me politically forever. They didn’t want me to rise politically again; that was what all the first poultry allegation with EFCC in 2006 is all about but I won.

Today, I can adjudge what would happen tomorrow by the victory of yesterday. So, their fear is my rising profile: their fear is that where is this Fayose going? 

Don’t you forget that in the Bible, the three wise men who came to greet Jesus Christ and who saw tomorrow about Jesus Christ just as the then King Herod too, saw tomorrow about Jesus Christ and he told the wise men to come back to him and reveal where Jesus was so that he could go and kill him. But the wise men didn’t go back that way. 

So, they saw my tomorrow and knew that I was rising. I’m going to be among those people that would take over from them. I have a future, I have greatness ahead of me and no greatness comes without a battle and struggle. So, they should keep their gun powder dry, behave like a responsible organization whose strength is in their coded investigation. They should stop messing themselves up. You see, nobody knows what would be the situation in two years time, but when we get to the bride, we would cross it.

Again, if Obanikoro says he gave me such huge money, where did he get it from? Why will he take such huge cash like that? Why will an honourable federal minister of the country be saying that he took cash like this and gave to me? You can now see how EFCC operates, but we will talk about that when we get to court. They are only looking for ways for nexus, to link me at all cost, to destroy me at all cost.


  1. Time will tell,,,dey jamtongue dere

  2. Stealing from people and quoting Holy Bible? I'm expecting him to quote whee the Bible asked him to steal.

  3. the monies they dug from a farm, the one from an soak away, the one from the overhead tank; were they not cash?were all the thieves not ministers, governors, advisers (special & non special),military & defense chiefs?i beg bros, talk something else.


  5. Egbon fayose what about the soldier that first comment on these story

  6. Fayose always usng sentiments to cover his acts

  7. Fayose, Fayose, Fayose... We all understand that politics is a game that, if you are smarter than your opponents, you get away with things. First, stop dragging Jesus into this issue because I have told you He doesn't steal, second, it is our money, not Obanikoro's money nor Buhari's. Return the money we need it and stop all these rantings about fasting and prayer, night vigil, apostle met bishop at the bus stop and refuse to greet nonesense. Just return the money pls.

  8. Oga fayose, save itself all ds stress n endless talk, just do d needful..


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