FLASH: Popular Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, expelled from Hausa movie industry

Pretty Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, has bee expelled from the movie Industry by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, for getting involved in acts that a responsible (Islamic) lady should not be involved.

Ladies in Islam are not allowed to do just anyhow they like; show boobs, flirt, flaunt everything on their body for public like other ladies do and act like it's 'normal'.

Rahama Sadau was expelled from the "conservative" movie industry for featuring in a new romantic music video by a Jos-based musician.

Reacting, another Muslim lady Maryam Umar slammed Rahama for wanting to be like 'Lagos girls'.

She said, "Rahama has crossed the boundary this time around. The video is all revealing and this is not proper for a Muslim girl to go this extreme in an open video... This is not America or Lagos."

The announcement of Actress Rahama's expulsion was contained in a statement by the association and signed by the Secretary, Salisu Mohammed.

The association also warned other actresses to henceforth follow the rules binding their participation in the Kannywood film industry.


  1. That's right, at least a level of discipline should be in place to check these actresses excessiveness

  2. Stupid, its bcuz she flunts are body that's why this idiot is calling Lagos girls. U Hausa are pretending idiots.pls leave the innocent girl alone u are all bed of the same feathers.

    1. U r stupid ur sister hide body n u r encouraging someone daughter to b immoral is that ur religion teaching ask ur Sis to act that way

  3. Hypocrites and pretenders! They claim decency but they do the worst when they are away from sight! Just tell me which of those fanatics that doesn't involve in promiscuity... that's why they marry under aged girls and then divorce them after sapping all their youthful "juice". Rubbish!!!


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